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Rainy Days Aren’t All Bad For Solar

FEBRUARY 6, 2017

Going solar can be a wise choice and a worthwhile investment in sunny southern California. But, what about those cloudy days? And if the days aren’t that sunny, would you still think that you made the right decision by going solar? Trust me, going solar is a smart choice even on rainy days.

You do not have to worry about your solar panels being useless during the rainy season. Because sunbeams can travel through rain clouds. However, on a rainy day, the amount of sunlight reaching the earth is less than on a sunny day. So the amount of solar power produced on a rainy day may be less than the amount of solar power produced on a sunny day.

Photovoltaic panels can produce power from either direct or indirect sunlight, but they are most efficient in direct sunlight. Even if the sun is reflected or partially blocked by clouds, solar panels will continue to operate. Rain potentially helps in the efficiency of your solar panels by washing away any dust or dirt.

If you live in a region with a good net metering policy, excess electricity generated by your panels during the sunny days can offset the energy used at night and other days when your device isn’t running at maximum capacity.

Will I run out of electricity if I generate less solar power?

On a rainy day, even though solar energy is limited, there will be no power outages. You will be able to use electricity without interruptions owing to the net metering connection. Normally, when using a solar panel, this connection feeds the excess energy produced by the solar panel to the utility suppliers. Similarly, if the solar panel does not provide enough energy for personal use on a rainy day, we can receive the electricity we need from service companies as well.

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