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Can You Install Solar On Any Type of Roof?

Akanksha Gupta | July 23, 2021

Can You Install Solar On Any Type of Roof?

There are a lot of benefits of switching to solar energy for powering your home or office. Not only it helps you save thousands of dollars but also reduces your carbon footprint. One of the major questions that pop up when people of installing solar panels is that what type of roof is required for installing solar panels. Many people wonder whether they need to change the roof for switching to solar power.

The good news is solar panels can be installed on any type of roof. However, it is important to understand the type of installation required for the different types of roofs. Here are the various factors that determine the roof’s compatibility with solar panels.

Roofing Material

Most of the commonly used roofing materials can accommodate solar panels easily. Among the various materials used for roofing, asphalt shingle roofing is one of the best options for solar panels. Tile roofs also work great with solar panels. The installation is simple and easy with asphalt shingle roofing and tile roofing. However, it is more expensive for solar panel installation on wood and slate roofs.

The Shape of The Roof

The size and shape of the roof is another major factor that decides the compatibility with the solar panels. If you have a large and square roof that has at least 300 square feet of surface area, it is ideal for simple and quick installation. It is better if there are no interruptions on the roof’s surface like chimneys or other features.

Shade on The Roof

The solar panels are installed to absorb sunlight. Hence the amount of shade falling on the roof should be a primary consideration while installing solar panels. In case if your house is shaded by other buildings, it is hardly possible to alter the shade. However, if there are branches of trees falling on the roof, it can be cut down for maximizing the sunlight on the roof.

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